Poland and the rest of Europe have long looked to the United States for leadership in difficult times. The upcoming elections in America could upend the political establishment and herald a new era in American foreign policy. The instability of the EU and Russia's growing assertiveness are serious problems that must be met firmly and with resolve. Allowing events to unfold by themselves is a risky proposition. 

Our experts in this issue of the Freedom Institute Bulletin, including several from the United States, offer a trans-Atlantic perspective on what Europe and Poland may face as a result of the presidential elections and what they have to do regardless of the outcome to maintain the integrity of the NATO alliance. No one can predict the future, but with a firm commitment to its national interests, Poland may have the opportunity to demonstrate that it is a leader on the world stage.

Thomas H. Henriksen - President Obama has not been as strong a president for NATO

Paul R. Gregory - We don't know which is the real Trump

Łukasz Warzecha - It Doesn't Change Anything for Poland

Jacek Bartosiak - Poland should think about its own strategy

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Czytaj Biuletyn IW: "Czy powinniśmy w Polsce bać się Donalda Trumpa"


fot. Conal Gallagher, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/pl/

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