"Entrepreneurs in Life and in School" is a project aimed towards developing entrepreneurship of students in Polish secondary schools by disseminating proven best practices as part of their education.

The Freedom Institute in conjunction with four schools, thanks to partnership with the GetBack S.A. company, created a database of best practices for teaching entrepreneurial attitudes at every educational level. They were assembled in a guidebook which was presented on December 10, 2015  in Warsaw's "#2" school. The pilot program of the project is being introduced into four schools and soon it will be implemented in twenty more institutions. We invite you to read the guidebook. (Polish)

The guidebook arose as a result of the work of a group of researchers who surveyed the best methods applied until now in Poland and abroad. The proposals and scenarios that are introduced there can be utilized not only during classes, but also during breaks, field trips, competitions, contests and other school events. Some of the selected activities have already been applied in schools which, along with the Freedom Institute, prepared the project.

Founders of Instytut Wolności

Dariusz Gawin

Dariusz Gawin

Historian of Social Thought, publicist, philosopher, Deputy Director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum (since 2004), Co-chairman of the Freedom Institute until 2016

Igor Janke

Igor Janke

Chairman of the Freedom Institute

Journalist, co-owner and manager of the Independent Journalists Forum Salon24.pl

Jan Ołdakowski

Jan Ołdakowski

Polonist, cultural manager, Director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum (since 2004)

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