We are here to draw attention to issues important to Poland. We want to generate ideas and reliable expertise with the most outstanding representatives of business, academia and politics and spread it in unconventional ways using traditional and new media. We don't want to only speak to elites. We want to convince public opinion to the solutions we propose and thus exert influence on the main actors in public life.




We believe that the cause of the low quality of Polish politics and of the work of successive governments is a lack of thinking strategically. We want to spread the concept of long-term thinking.

Another source of problems for Poland is the absence of a transparent dialogue between business and politics. We want to become a place where both of these groups can meet and have an affect on one another.

Another problem is the quality of elites. We want to conduct educational activities and organize seminars for the most outstanding young people entering public life.





Our reports are and will be created by the best specialists in the form of publications and interactive websites that are transparent and comprehensible to the average reader.

Our experience drawn from the Warsaw Uprising Museum and creating traditional and new media, leads us to believe that we know how to effectively communicate even the most challenging content

Our independence guarantees financing for the Institute from many sources: contributions from private individuals and businesses, national and international grants, as well as our own economic activities.



What do we do?


We want to work on Poland's behalf

an economically strong and safe country

a country supporting innovation, learning and entrepreneurship

a strong partner to the countries of Central Europe

an active participant in the European Union

a strong and reliable ally of the United States. Poland, as a commonwealth rooted in the tradition of Western culture



The Areas of Activity of the Institute are:


Energy security: building Polish energy independence and creating a modern energy system

A free market: creating predictable rules defining the space for economic freedom

Modern education and teaching: creating the mechanisms for the healthy development of education and conditions for cooperation between education and business. Supporting knowledge about the historical roots and cultural identity of the Euro-Atlantic community.

Digitilization and media: supporting the development of digitilization, bridging the digital divide, creating rules for the free operation of new media

Proficient army: building an effective army corresponding to contemporary needs and alliances

Poland in the region: deepening cooperation of East-Central European countries, building a strong position for our region

Poland in Europe: functioning in the interests of the development of the European Union as a community of free nations with common cultural roots.

Poland in the world: strengthening the Europe-America alliance based on shared political interests, cultural roots and value systems.

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